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25 March 2008 @ 11:46 pm
You know things as wrong when Slytherins are civil with Gryffindors... the wozarding world as we know it is coming to an end...and it's sad...very very sad. Maybe I'll just kill a firstie, hehe just kidding maybe

I was mandering about the ground the other day and got into a convo with that Gryff boy again. I must make a point to ask his name one day, meh. I spot briefly with Regulus's brother. He's odd...I don't like him. No wonder he's the black sheep, no pun intended. I hope Regulus doesn't turn out that way. It would be horrible.

Sigh, life has been so droll(sp?) recently. I must find something to do. I'm so studied out I'm beginning to feel like Ravenclaw, it's scary, and wrong. I'm better than them so I shouldn't feel like one.

I haven't tried speaking to Regulus at all. He's such a bore and somewhat cowardly some times it makes me wonder if it's worth getting on his good side or not. I still have to pay him back for the boys bathroom incident. The gawl of him thinking he can do that with no repercussions. I'm Evelyn Twycross for Merlin's sake. I'll show him. I must think of something cunning. Something like Bellatrix would do...yes...I will think on this. The wheels are spinning now and there will be hell to pay.

Now I am in a better mood.